Deb Callaghan

Hair Cutting, Coloring, Perms

About Me: 

I’ve been working in the salon business for 25 years and still love the reason I went into this line of work. It is to make people feel great about themselves with new up to date styles and colors. The great conversation and quick wit make for a very fun appointment.

My husband and I grew up in this area and enjoy spending time with friends and family. Especially our daughter, son-in-law and two beautiful granddaughters. We love to motorcycle and check out the countryside while camping.

While attending the Chicago Hair Show, I realized again how important the beauty industry is for so many clients young and old, male or female. So stop by and check out Ella’s Salon, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s your time for relaxation, fun, and beauty! You can ask for “Auntie Deb”, as I was nicknamed by my awesome coworkers.


Salon Tip:

Try our new product line REF from Sweden. I suggest “Fiber Mousse”, a smooth mousse with body bodifying fibers that leave the hair with added volume and texture but still have a soft and clean feeling with no sticky build up.