Emily Regnier

Hair Cutting, Coloring

Master Stylist

About Me: 

I have wanted to be a hairstylist since the very ripe age of 2. I would attend barber school back in the 80’s with my aunt when she was supposed to be babysitting me!

I have been fortunate enough in my career to attend training by some of the best stylists in this industry. Tabatha Coffee, Guy Tang and Lenny Strand to name a few. Education is important to me as this career is forever evolving in new trends and wonderful products.

I live in the beautiful town of Alexandria with my husband and 3 children. In my spare time, I love to read and attend my kids sporting events.


Salon Tip:

I am often asked by a client why their hair never looks the same at home as it does when I do it. Product & Tools are key! Yes, they do make a difference. Blow drying your hair sets it up for a longer lasting style & shapes it as it dries. Products help sculpt the hair to lay how you would like it.