Ella's Salon's Coronavirus Response

At Ella's Salon we’re committed to helping the community we serve during this difficult time. In addition our our standard sanitation practices, we’ve increased safety measures and operational changes in support of our team and customers. We’ll continue to do all we can to help navigate these uncertain times. Below is a list of safety measures we've recently put in place. 


Customers Restrictions

  • If you have any Coronavirus symptoms, do not enter Ella's Salon. 
  • If you have had any recent contact with someone that has Coronavirus symptoms, do not enter Ella's Salon. 
  • Customers must wear a facemask during their service. If you do not have one, a new mask will be provided and $1.00 will be added to your ticket.
  • Only people receiving a service are allowed to be inside of the salon.
  • Children receiving a haircut are allowed to have 1 adult with them. Please no siblings. 
  • Children receiving a haircut will need to be able to keep their facemask on. 


Customers Can Expect

  • Customers will be asked to wash their hands in Ella's Salon prior to a service that involves touching of your hands. (Manicure, Massage)
  • Ella's Salon employees will be required to wear a facemask. 
  • Product's used during a service will only be used by that service provider throughout the day. 
  • All customer contact points during a service will be cleaned between every customer. 
  • Employee's will wash their hands before every service starts.
  • Employee's will wear gloves during a facial waxing service. 
  • We can not perform services that require you to remove your facemask. These services are no longer allowed (Lip/Chin Waxing, Facials, Makeup). 


Changes in the Salon

  • Waiting room coffee and water has been removed.
  • Waiting room now has only 5 chairs. If full, we ask that you please wait in your car. We will call you when your service provider is ready. 
  • All magazines have been removed.


Coronavirus Symptoms

  • Common Symptoms: Fever, Tiredness, Dry Cough
  • Other Symptoms: Aches, Pains, Nasal Congestion, Runny Nose, Sore Throat 


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