Chelsi Torke

Hair Cutting, Coloring, Formal Design, Makeup, Nails, Lashes

About Me: 

As a young girl watching my mom use her art and talent to give someone not only outer beauty but helped grow inner confidence I knew I wanted to be just like her.

To me being a hairdresser means giving my clients a bit of positivity and changing their day or life even just by spending just a short amount of time with them. The relationships I have with my clients fill a special place in my heart.

I moved to Alexandria from southwest MN to spend more time with my four nephews. I enjoy spending time on the walking trails, four wheeling, making fun DIY projects, crafts and keeping up with the fashion industry. Peace, love and good hair vibes!


Salon Tip:

When going from brunette to blond, just remember to be patient with the multiple steps it takes to get there successfully.